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Garden Sheds – Making the Right Choice

Your Garden needs sheds – Buy or build? Your landscaping is completed for the season and it looks great, except for all the garden tools and equipment that are laying around. Obviously there is a need for a storage area. A storage shed would be the perfect answer. The question is how do you go… Read More »

Getting the Best Price for your Home Includes Landscaping for Curb Appeal

If you own a home, then sooner or later you are going to be ready to sell that home. Maybe you’ve already sold a home or two. People tend to move more often than our parents did. There are a lot of things that go into getting the best possible price for your home, but… Read More »

$1,148. in One Day with Plants?

This article is actually an example of a simple, yet excellent marketing plan. Pay close attention to how I went out and found new business at a time of the year when things are normally slow, and not only did I make $1,148, my friend Franky also made $1,060. Because I chose to keep myself… Read More »

Landscaping Ideas: Corner Bed Planting

Need some front yard landscaping ideas that work well in a corner bed? Check out the landscaping in Mike's yard.

Here are some of the plants used:
Laceleaf Japanese Maple, Endless Summer Hydrangea, Harry Lauder's Walking Stick,
Orange Dream Japanese Maple, Royal Red Maple Tree, Variegated Lirope, Miniature Roses, Huechera-Coral Bells